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About this website

The objective of this website is to aggregate many public domain internet sources.
It's only a database; all documents are stored on each original website.
Actualy this database provide only audio sources.

Law/Rights about the Public Domain Summary

Domain Public is a local notion
You can use media as public domain, several years after the death from the compositor, and several years after the publication of this creation.
Country Last composer who died for more of xx years Publied for more of xx years Exceptions/Explanations
France 76
50 (*)
- 70 + war years
- 100 years if author is died for his country
For more detail see the Domaine public en droit de la propriété intellectuelle français
European Union 70 50
Canada 50 50
Many others cases. See here Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
But some countries, like EU countries, practice the "Shorter Term" clause. (For more detail see the Rule of the shorter term). It seems that when an american product fall in public domain for USA, then it can be use as public domain in EU.

Sometimes, a licence can be used for a 'restoration work'. Please consult the [Site] or [Detail] link's before use a media.


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